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protecting from

the unseen.

Certified Cyber Security Company in Indonesia

Solutions and Services

​We are focus to delivering a secure, reliable and state-of-the-art security solutions to our clients for securing their critical assets also mitigating potential and imminent the unseen cyber threats.

•Threat Intelligence

•Red Team Exercise

•Bug Hunting

•IT Asset Management

•Device Visibility

•Security Assessment

•Security Benchmark

•Vuln. Management

•Pentesting Services

•Moving Target Defense

•Endpoint Protection

•DDoS Protection


•Net. Access Control

•Perimeter Security

•Web Security

•Cloud Security

•Email Security

•Data Loss Prevention

•SoC as a Services

•Managed Detection & Response

•Incident Response Team Services

•Digital Forensic Services

Your Trusted and Reliable Partner
in Cyber Security Services and Solutions.

PT Informasi Netta Markndo is an Indonesian Cyber Security company focused on protecting businesses from cyber-threats, cyber-attacks and cyber-crimes. Thus providing multi-layered security of critical enterprise-information, enterprise-data and enterprise-systems from the extraordinary impact of cyber-cases.

We partnered with No #1 Offensive Security Company in Asia which share the same vision in aiding enterprise and businesses to secure and guard themselves against massive and devastating impacts that cyber attacks may cause.

We marrying domain experience and cyber expertise, thus qualifies INM as a trustable solution provider for the better and safer cyber environment for all needing sectors.

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